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Hillcrest Rockhampton Private celebrates 500 robotic-assisted surgeries

Mar 14, 2022

Five hundred Central Queenslanders have received hip or knee replacements assisted by the Mako robot at Hillcrest Rockhampton Private Hospital since the technology arrived in September 2020.

The two-million-dollar Mako orthopaedic robotic system is designed to assist surgeons during partial or total knee replacement or total hip replacement.

Hospital CEO Fiona Hebbard said 500 robotic-assisted joint replacements is a significant achievement in just 18 months for a regional hospital.

“This is great for Central Queenslanders, with a team experienced using world-leading technology locally for robotic-assisted hip and knee replacements,” Fiona said.

“I’m so proud of our orthopaedic team including surgeons, nurses and physiotherapists and our ongoing commitment to being the orthopaedic centre of excellence for Central Queensland.”

To read more about the technology visit https://www.hillcrestprivate.com.au/Our-Services/Orthopaedics/Technology